A Crocodile inside a flooded Florida home (PHOTO)?

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As the deadly hurricane Ian continue to gather momentum across the many parts of the state of Florida, USA the latest reports estimates a death roll of over 100, on top of the huge property damages and massive flooding.

Many social media users have shared posts related to hurricane Ian and its deadly aftermath. We came across an edited image among these posts, which claimed to be scenes of a monstrous crocodile inside a house in a house in Florida.

Social Media Posts

An image of a crocodile lurking in the waters of a flooded house, claiming to be recent scenes from Florida went viral as seen below with over a thousand shares so far.

Facebook| Archived

Users commented in awe to these unbelievable claims

Fact Check

We did a reverse image search and was able to find that the image had been published and shared in various social media platforms and websites in different parts of the world.

Some posts had claimed the same image to be a recent scene from Bangalore, India. Such posts can be reached from here and here. Also we found a few articles which said that this incident happened in the Central American country, Costa Rica. As seen hereArchived. The image was linked to Africa as well. Such posts can be reached from here.Archived.

A Crocodile in Adelaide River 

Since the viral photo had been shared in many countries with different narratives, we cropped the part of the crocodile in the viral photo and did a separate reverse image search. The results indicated that the photo is the same as that of a crocodile, published in Daily Mail, 2014. The photo described a huge crocodile in Adelaide River, Australia as seen below.

dailymail.co.uk | Archived Link

The above report attributes the photo to Adelaide River Cruise, a company that provides wildlife tours along the Adelaide River in the northern part of Australia where ‘Jumping Crocodiles’ is a key attraction. The same crocodile photo was also published on the website of the Adelaide River Cruise Company.

Earlier, International Media Network AP news, had also revealed the facts about this image and their report can be read from hereArchived. They had contacted Adelaide River Cruises company who had also confirmed that the photo taken in the Adelaide River represented a 20-foot-long giant crocodile named Dominator.

A video related to that crocodile can be watched from here.

We could not find the origins of the background image used in the viral image and an image comparison between the edited image and the real image can be seen below.

Also, if you look closely at the viral photo, one can see the smoothing around the edges of the crocodile, which is a clear indication of the being photo manipulated.

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According to our investigation, we found that the viral image claiming to be a huge crocodile swimming inside a flooded house in Florida, is an altered image.The crocodile seen in the viral image was extracted from a photo of a huge crocodile from Adelaide River, Australia and has no connection to Florida.


Title:A Crocodile inside a flooded Florida home (PHOTO)?

Fact Check By: Kalana Krishantha 

Result: Misleading

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