Yohani donned in Indian colours, supporting the Indian Cricket Team? Find Out the Facts…

Celebrity Misleading

Sri Lanka singer Yohani de Silva became a household name in India last year with her breakthrough song “Manike Mage Hithe” winning the hearts of millions of Indians. However, over the past year, misleading posts and edited trolls targeting Yohani were also seen among Sri Lankan social media users.

Similarly, an altered image of Yohani went viral again among social media streams in Sri Lanka, soon after the Asia Cup Super-Four cricket fixture between India and Sri Lanka.

Let’s take a look at the claims first

Social Media Posts

Facebook users in Sri Lanka shared a photo of Yohani claiming that she was wearing a T shirt with Indian cricket board’s logo and the Indian national flag

Facebook | Archived

This image went viral among Facebook users with many derogatory comments targeting Yohani, for wearing Indian colors

Fact Check

A reverse image search showed that the viral image was a photoshopped version of a photo of Yohani clad in a t-shirt supporting the Sri Lankan cricket team. This photo has been used in several posts and websites over the last couple of years. Below is the original capture published by Yohani herself, back in July 2020, in her official Instagram account.

Instagram | Archived

Sri Lankan cricketer Dinesh Chandimal had also posted this original photo and wished her in 2021 and it can be reached  here

Below is a photo comparison between the actual photo and the edited version currently being circulated.

Also, Yohani’s manager Dilanjan Seneviratne confirmed that Yohani has been staying in Sri Lanka these days and she had not visited the UAE to watch any of the Asia Cup 2022 cricket matches.

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With the close victory over India on September 06th crucial Super Four fixture, Sri Lankan cricket team has all but certainly assured a place in the finals of the tournament to be held on Sunday 11th of September.

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Our investigation shows that the image getting viral as an instance of Yohani clad in an Indian cricket team t-shirt is an edited version. The original image uploaded over two years ago in July 2020, shows Yohani sporting a Sri Lankan cricket team’s t-shirt.

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Title:Yohani donned in Indian colours, supporting the Indian Cricket Team? Find Out the Facts…

Fact Check By: Kalana Krishantha 

Result: Misleading

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