CNBC did NOT publish a report relating the Death of Queen Elizabeth II to Global Climate Change

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As Britain mourns the death of Queen Elizabeth II, UK’s longest-serving monarch, world leaders and prominent personalities around the world have been expressing their condolences to the royal family.

Social media circles around the world also have been filled with numerous tributes in honor of the inspiring and iconic reign of Queen Elizabeth II which had lasted for over seven decades. However, some of these social media posts are misleading. This is our investigation related to such a misleading post using an altered version of a news report of CNBC.

Social Media Posts

A Twitter handle calling himself to be a “Meme terrorist” had Tweeted soon after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, indicating that Queen’s death was a result of global climate change. The Tweet had attributed the news to the famous American news agency, CNBC as seen below.

Twitter | Archived 

Edited CNBC Report

We were unable to find any news published on the CNBC website, relating the death of Queen Elizabeth II to climate change. Further inspection revealed that the screenshot used in the Tweet was in fact an altered version of a news item published on CNBC.

The original news report was titled as Queen Elizabeth is dead: Here are the plans for the next 10 days” and can be seen hereArchived

The comparison of the edited screenshot and the original CNBC report can be seen below.

We also compared the headlines of the other articles published in CNBC as well and noticed that the font type used in the purported image was also different from the regular title font.

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

During early hours on 8th of September, the Queen`s doctors became concerned about her deteriorating health and soon after, the 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth was put under medical supervision. After hearing this news many members of the royal family also gathered at the Scottish Balmoral estate, where the Queen was staying and used to spend much of the summers.

Buckingham palace announced that Queen Elizabeth II had died peacefully, on 8th afternoon. More details related with queen`s death can be reached from here | Archived.

Queen had been suffering from a series of health issues

Even though Buckingham palace has not announced the exact medical reasons for Queen Elizabeth’s death, international media reported a series of health issues related to the Queen. The Healthline website had summarized the reports about the Queen`s health extracted from international media as seen hereArchived.

As per these reports, the queen had been suffering from a series of health issues leading up to her death. She also had mobility issues and used her late husband’s cane since October 2021

Queen had been suffering from a series of back pains for years as she had undergone knee surgery in 2000`s. She also became a victim of Covid-19 early this year. And some doctors suggest Covid-19 significantly influenced her health condition and indirectly paved the way to long term medical implications.

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According to our investigation, we were able to find out that the screenshot linking Queen Elizabeth`s death to climate change and attributing it to a CNBC news report was not real.

The altered screenshot was created by editing the title of a CNBC report about the death of Queen Elizabeth II and plans for the upcoming days.


Title:CNBC did NOT publish a report relating the Death of Queen Elizabeth II to Global Climate Change

Fact Check By: Kalana Krishantha 

Result: Altered

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