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Fact Crescendo ( is an independent digital journalism initiative and is a part of Crescendo Transcription Private Limited (CTPL) a private limited company registered in India. (

Fact Crescendo ( is an independent digital news platform and has a separate dedicated team solely working for fact checking news/claims.

“Fact Crescendo is an independent, unbiased fact-checking website that is committed to bringing the fact behind every news, debunking of mis-interpreted & hoax news on a daily basis on false, mis-informed, social media as well as mainstream media. We believe in transparency of news source & methodology while carrying out our core activities, a commitment to transparency of funding as well as organization and open & honest corrections policy in case we make a mistake. Our vision is to be the touchstone for truth & a disrupter leveraging technology to bring about a new perspective in how news industry is viewed & functions.”

We are also competent of checking Videos and Text in the following languages – English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Assamese, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati and Urdu.

In case of any clarification or questions, you can contact us by email on [email protected].

Fact Crescendo is a Verified Signatory of the IFCN code of principles.

"Our Team"

Vinod Rathi
Founder & Thought Leader
[email protected]

Vinod Rathi started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 18 and over the years by embracing his entrepreneurial spirit he has set up 3 market leading companies operating in different domains of IT, Human Resource and ITES. He is also the founder & CEO of Crescendo Transcription Private Limited which today serves more than 50 MNC’s with its unique offerings.

Rakhi Rathi
[email protected]

She also leads the FactCrescendo human resource initiatives. Her – to the point thinking, optimal utilization of resources and critical analysis has paved the way to a lot of processes that FactCrescendo has imbibed.She spends her time raising her 2 beautiful daughters and at the same time raising the efficiency and quality bars at Crescendo continually.

Dheeraj Shinde
Community Manager
[email protected]

“Having proved my mettle in Crescendo Transcriptions I was asked out for FactCrescendo. I took up the challenge, having witnessed the growth story of Crescendo Transcriptions, I was sure FactCrescendo is also going to be huge and the next big thing.
I take care of the hiring, sensitisation and redressal of all employees’ grievances and issues at FactCrescendo. In short I am the community manager. I ensure nobody, absolutely nobody has been unfair to.

Ravi Chaudhary
Web developer 
[email protected]

I am a web developer, digital marketer and avid blogger with more than 7 years of  professional experience 

As the the web developer and website editor of an independent fact checking website.  My responsibilities include managing and all our digital media & Social assets.

Ajit Singh
Graphic Designer & Video Editor
[email protected]

I am a Graphic Designer & Video Editor with more than 3 Years of Experience in Graphic Design & video editing, For the past 6 Months, I was working as a freelancer.
 Now at FactCrescendo, I am responsible for all digital graphics and video editing, I will give my best and use my imagination and skills to create stunning graphics and great video content.

Harish Nair
Managing Editor (India)
[email protected]

Harish Nair is the Managing Editor of Fact Crescendo (India). He Possesses 2 years of experience as a Managing Editor at Fact Crescendo. He also poses 2 years of experience in EMS. Immense passion for media research and linguistics brought him to Crescendo Transcriptions Pvt. Ltd.(CTPL) 
Since 2017 he is associated with CTPL. As a Managing Editor at Fact Crescendo, he endeavors to debunk preposterous pieces of hoax and unsubstantiated claims that can affect the society at large in a detrimental manner. Loves to interact with people and source information to enrich his knowledge-base with their insights and experiences. 

Kalana Kristhantha
Editor (Sri Lanka)

Processing more than five years of experience in journalism related to print as well as online media, Kalana, the editor of Factcrescendo Sri Lanka is a graduate of  Psychology and holds a diploma in Diplomacy and World Affairs. Kalana is a truth seeker who is passionate about verifying the truth behind viral content on social media spheres in Sri Lanka and to minimize the spread of misinformation and disinformation. He is also a nature lover and is interested in environmental justice and has published his findings on many online platforms . Being a free thinker, he believes  that every living being should be treated with respect , dignity and kindness.

Drabanti Ghosh
Fact Checker
[email protected]

Possessing two years of experience in PR, Content Writing and Event Management with Youniquemag and Rotary club. Tremendous passion for research and investigation has brought her here at Crescendo Transcriptions Pvt. Ltd.(CTPL). With strong journalistic integrity and immense creativity, she is an aspiring journalist with a commitment to high-quality research and writing. In FactCrescendo she hopes to invalidate feigned and fallacious claims for the betterment of the mass. Loves reading and socializing to understand various opinions and gain knowledge.

Mayur Deokar
Fact Checker
[email protected]

Having experienced in the leading Print and Digital media house of Lokmat and Sakal, Mayur is passionate about his new role at Fact Crescendo. Thrilled by the newsroom atmosphere, he has proven his skill as a sub-editor. In the age of post-truth and fake news, he is determined to combat negativity and misinformation on social media and prevent people from being misguided.

Sarita Samal
Fact Checker
[email protected]

Sarita‘s interest in fact checking and desire for a safer and genuine social media experience for all brought her to Fact Crescendo. Formerly, she has worked as a journalist in a reputed Hindi newspaper agency. 

Deepa M
Fact Checker
[email protected]

Worked in the roles of sub-editor, content writer, PR professional in leading organisations armed with glorious 16 years of experience.
Excellent writer in Malayalam and published articles in leading Malayalam magazines and web portals. Very good observational and organisational skills. Love to read, write and travel.
Joined with the vibrant team of Fact Crescendo to unseal the reality and genuineness of the news in front of you.

Praveen Kumar
Fact Checker
[email protected]

Possesses over 18 years of experience in journalism (Print and Dot com). He brings across vast experience of a News Editor in Tamil, Doctor Vikatan.
Now as a Lead Researcher/Fact Checker in FactCrescendo to unveil the facts and bring out the truth to the people.

Frany Karia
Editor (Gujarati)
[email protected]

Possessing 5 years of experience in Print and Electronic media, Review, News/Content/Subtitles Writing, Reporting, Editing, Translation, Content Editorial Supervision and Social Media Management with Kathiyawad post news paper, Divyabhaskar news paper, Tv9 gujarati, sandesh news channel and more. He relies on his strong investigative skills, reasoning and creativity to debunk preposterous news articles that could potentially create commotion, unrest or can mislead people. He has joined Fact Crescendo so that he can use all his abilities to debunk fake news that get viral on social media. 

SG Prabu
Fact Checker – Sri Lanka Tamil

Possessing over 3 years of experience in leading news websites in Sri Lanka, SG Prabu started his career as a web journalist in digital media in performing roles as reviewer, news reporter, translator and content writer. Prabu also has skills in editorial supervising and social media management. He has contributed to over 10 websites as a web developer and administrator as well. With strong social media analytical skills and over 8 years of experience in social media promotional activities, SG Prabu is a creative young journalist who gives high prominence to media ethics and responsible reporting. He joined the Fact Crescendo Sri Lanka team to minimize hoax news and malicious information shared among local as well as expat Tamil communities through social media. SG Prabu is also an independent artist in Sri Lanka with a passion for reading, traveling and music

Dhiraj Vyas
Fact Checker
[email protected]

 Dhiraj possesses 4 years of experience in journalism. He has worked for print, electronic and digital media. He has previously worked with Sandesh, Divya Bhaskar and Nascent infotechnologies. His interests are public communication and playing cricket. He also has an affection towards creative Gujarati content writing. He is effluent in Gujarati and has good knowledge of grammar. He keeps an eye for potentially fake news and debunks it using his experience as well as various verification tools.

Manjori Borkotoky
Fact Checker
[email protected]

Her career spanning more than a decade began as a Television Journalist- Reporter, Producer and Prime Time Anchor in regional News Channels. Also empanelled as an Announcer with All India Radio, she moved on to Private FM and was the Morning Jock of Radio Mirchi, Guwahati. Later she became one of the founding editors of an immensely popular news portal of the region before giving it all up to begin work on her Directorial Debut- An Assamese Feature Film currently under post production. She has now joined Fact Crescendo and has begun fact checking to ensure no fake news gets circulated in her state, Assam. She believes in the power of social media and will go to any lengths to prevent misuse of it!

Siddhartha Sahu
Fact Checker
[email protected]

Siddhartha has done B.A. in sociology and had a brief career as an animator in Mumbai. He is passionate about issues pertaining to social justice and human rights. He has worked with Alloy Ventures in their research on Vulnerability Assessment of Trafficked Victims and Community. He is well aware of sociological effect of fake news propagated through social media platforms. Hence, he joined Fact Crescendo to help community fight against fake news and misinformation. His hobbies are cooking, gaming and reading.

Hrithik Mahajan
Social Media Manager
[email protected]

Hrithik, our social media manager, an undergrad student and computer enthusiast. Young and dynamic, he joined Fact Crescendo to help fight fake news epidemic on social media.

Samiksha Khandelwal
Fact Checker
[email protected]

A BMM graduate with immense passion for journalism. She finds Newsroom Chaos adventurous and that is what brings her to the field. She joined Fact Crescendo in 2020 as a Fact Checker for the Hindi team and aspires to be specialized in Fact checking. In an era of cries of “fake news” readers want sources they can trust and so she strives to be authentic.  Debunking fake news and informing the people with the correct news makes her feel content.

Pavithra Sandamali 
Factchecker Sinhala 

Committed to combat the misinformation and disinformation in Sri Lankan social media circles, especially in Sinhala, Pavithra brings more than 5 years of combined experience in Radio, TV and Digital space in various roles such as radio/TV presenter and web journalist. Having completed her basic diploma in College of Journalism, Pavithra is currently pursuing her Masters in Mass Communication. In addition to media field, Pavithra has experience in ICT field as well and her hobbies are reading, listening to music and travelling.